Project: Casual Corner/Petite Sophisticate

Location: Streets of Southpoint, Durham, NC

Size: 5,000 square feet total

Background: The Casual Corner Group, a member of the Retail Brand Alliance, included Casual Corner, Petite Sophisticate, and Casual Corner Annex. For over 50 years the company stood for quality, fairness, and excellent customer service. Their vision was to be the destination for customers seeking outstanding quality and unsurpassed value. Throughout its existence, the Casual Corner Group opened over 500 stores nationwide. L2M served the brand on a number of these projects with various design standards and challenges each time.

Scope of work/distinctive features:

  • Renovated two adjacent stores, Casual Corner and Petite Sophisticate
  • Followed established design guidelines but incorporated distinctive elements to differentiate stores and their respective clientele
  • Opened under a tight deadline, in time for a grand opening